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R O M I N A  G E N T I L I N I 

Romina Gentilini, alias for the Venezuelan actress, radio and TV host, rose quickly as an artist and performer in her native Caracas. Her early passion for a variety of musical genres and her vast knowledge working in radio and in specialized music TV shows for most of her career, inspired the eclectic blends she spins today.


What singles her out amongst her peers is her unique style, blending nu disco & sexy deep house into diverse, venue-tailored mixes sure to connect with her audience. She is already making her mark at respected venues all over Miami. At restaurants, lounges and private parties, she hits the perfect balance between relaxing and energizing. Whether sitting back to relax or getting up to dance, nothing’s more inviting than a fresh soundtrack from Romina Gentilini. Check her out at her weekly residency @ Betula Aspen & Casa Tua Aspen.

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